How Students Can Jump into Rewarding Career Lanes

How to Get Skilled Trade Jobs: Tips for Students to Jump into Rewarding Career Paths

Back-to-school time is upon us, and for students preparing to graduate at the end of the school year, you’re likely thinking of what comes next. Whether you’re planning to continue your education or begin your career, there’s a place for you in the aquatics industry. This dynamic, exciting and lucrative field offers a unique career environment to explore your interests, take advantage of professional development tools, and ultimately, create lifelong careers. 

Interested in diving in? Learn more about the opportunities, career advancement tracks, and resources to enhance your knowledge as you begin the next step in your trade career journey.  

Jobs for High School Graduates

For many, college is not always the right fit after high school. If this is you, and you’re looking for an alternative to a four-year degree where you can start earning right away, consider joining the pool and hot tub industry. It might be daunting to have little to no experience, but rest assured there are plenty of opportunities for you.  

When students choose the traditional college path, it leaves many high-paying and rewarding positions on the table. We want you to know there is value in jumping right into a trade career.

You might consider an apprenticeship program to take your first “dip” in the industry. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) offers two apprenticeship programs to help you kickstart your career: 

  1. The Pool Maintenance and Service Technician Apprenticeship Program 

  2. The Pool Installer Technician Program 

Both programs are approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, enable you to learn while you earn, and provide key training that will prepare you for advanced positions within the industry.  

If you’d rather jump right into a job, tons of positions involve on-the-job training, meaning you can strengthen your skills and learn the trade as you start your career. Employers understand that high school students typically don’t possess all of the necessary skills and experience; therefore, you’ll find plenty of resources and tools for your professional growth. 

Jobs for College Students

If you’re fresh out of college, you’re likely looking for something where you can put your skills to use and grow in your desired – or yet to be determined – field. Finding a job can be difficult, but the aquatics industry presents out-of-the-box opportunities that can be a fit for college grads. Our growing industry sectors are home to a variety of exciting and lucrative career paths. If you earned a degree in fields such as design, architecture, mathematics, science, communications or more, find your perfect fit today. 

Even if you didn’t major in something that you think is related to the field, consider exploring open positions on our job board. You might just be surprised at how universal the required skills are. As a college grad, think of everything else you learned that you could apply to this new industry. Our members are eager to invite the latest and greatest to join our industry, bringing new perspectives and ideas that will revolutionize current practices.  

If you’re thinking of this ahead of graduation, start networking to connect with those in the industry. Openings can range from smaller businesses to large corporations like amusement parks and major manufacturers. The sky is truly the limit here!

Become a Student of Aquatics  

Your education doesn’t need to stop as you begin your career! The pool and hot tub industry is full of educational resources to help you boost your knowledge and become an expert at your craft. PHTA’s GENESIS program includes construction, design, business and engineering courses to support your professional growth and development. PHTA also offers several trade certification programs across industry sectors that enable you to continue your professional development and become the go-to expert for your company and clients.  

As you navigate these life decisions after high school and college, the aquatics industry is here to support you. Find inspiration from industry professionals by reading success stories, check out more information on our resources for high school and college student pages, and apply now at