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Fun and future-focused, careers in the pool and hot tub industry swim laps around other jobs.

The pool and hot tub industry is growing – and filled to the brim with career opportunities. There are more career paths than you think, for all interests and skillsets. Dive in and apply today!

Industry Benefits

Why Work in Aquatics?

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    Between 2018 and 2028, the pool installer field is expected to grow by 14%. 

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    Develop skills and increase earning potential through apprenticeships.

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    Bring the joy of swimming and rehabilitative benefits of water to others. 

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Career Paths For Everyone

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Earning Power

From builders and design engineers to maintenance professionals and manufacturers, careers in all sectors of the aquatics pool and hot tub industry offer competitive compensation.

Learn What You Can Earn

$40k – $70k

estimated salary range for a service technician

$60k – $100k

estimated salary range for a design consultant

$70k – $100k

estimated salary range for a construction foreman



Get Paid from Day One!

Develop an in-demand skilled trade without taking on any debt. The PHTA Pool Maintenance and Service Technician Apprenticeship Program fast-tracks your career!

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"I have been given opportunities I didn’t know existed. I was able to develop my own career path and provided the tools, education and support needed to grow my skillset. I have been able to create a rewarding and fulfilling career, while also being a mom and maintaining a good work-life balance."

Sarah Linton, Senior Program Manager at Fluidra