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Explore the Swim Instruction Sector

Tasked with ensuring children and adults develop critical, life-saving swimming practices and proper techniques, people in the swim instructor sector help our communities safely enjoy pools and aquatic spaces. What industry is swim teaching? It falls into what’s commonly refered to as the pool and hot tub industry, and some may argue swim instructors play a major role in protecting the stability of the industry by creating fun and safe aquatic experiences for future generations.

Swim Instruction Sector

If you have a passion for swimming and love working with kids, a job in the swim instruction sector may be the perfect fit. In this field, you’ll keep kids safe in and around the water, and help shape the next generation of swimmers. You will take on a leading role in both training those learning how to swim and establishing confidence and comfort in the water as students strengthen their skills. Training is provided to enable you to provide swim instruction.

As you instruct your students, you’ll form special connections that will guide them on the path to becoming capable swimmers. This requires you to challenge students, especially young children, to reach their fullest potential through clear and effective lessons. Plus, as the swim instructor sector is naturally about leading others, you’ll find yourself growing in your own capabilities as a thoughtful, efficient leader.

Swim instruction offers a different working experience that allows you to have direct relationships with clients and watch them flourish. Whether you are searching for a summer job as a swim instructor or want to establish your career as a swim school owner, find a position with purpose in swim instruction. 

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“With formal swim lessons shown to reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent, becoming a swim instructor is an important and rewarding career. What other job allows you to wear flip flops to work while having fun and changing lives by teaching a lifesaving skill?”

Swim Instructor Sector Traits for Success

Those with an interest in and aptitude for teaching will thrive as swim instructors. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience where you will have the opportunity to directly impact people’s comfort level, safety and skills in the water, in addition to preventing potential drowning accidents.

You will need to use soft skills to excel as a teacher. Communication and patience will prove to be most important as you build confidence and teach water safety skills in a child-centered environment. While interacting with students and staff members, it’s important to listen, welcome feedback and be a continuous learner. 

Most swim instructor sector jobs do not require extensive experience, as training is provided, yet these skills and traits are helpful as you begin your career in the swim instruction sector:

  • Caring and compassion for children and adults
  • Ability to work in water for periods of up to 5 hours
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to focus and remain attentive in a fast-paced environment
  • Great attitude with willingness to be coached
  • Ability to commit to afternoon and weekend hours

Your Swim Instruction Career Roadmap 

Swimming instruction offers numerous unique and unconventional opportunities to join the aquatics industry. You will have the opportunity to pursue a passion for swimming and guide students to become proficient and safe swimmers. We are here to provide the path that allows you to strengthen your skillset and create safe swimming experiences for all.

Here’s a look at the typical career progression in the swim instruction sector. Job titles and advancement opportunities will vary based on each company and individual. 

Swim Instruction Career Path

Swim Instruction Career Path

Lifeguard Career Path

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