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Here you will find important announcements and coverage related to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance’s workforce development program. 

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Veterans, Dive In: How You Can Thrive in the Aquatics World After Service

After serving your country, your transition from active duty to civilian life can be challenging as you navigate the start of a new career path. You may have multiple opportunities in front of you, each offering different perks and requiring unique expertise, or you may feel unsure of your next step. As a veteran, you’re uniquely positioned and qualified to dive into a variety of new roles, putting the transferrable skills you learned in the military to good use.

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Jobseekers Can Explore A New, Dynamic Career in Aquatics

With nearly half of the workforce set to retire in the next decade and less than nine percent of new workforce entrants joining the skilled trades, the demand for new talent has never been greater. The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, a non-profit trade association for the pool, hot tub and spa industry, is asking today’s jobseekers to jump in with both feet and explore the career opportunities available to them in the vast field of aquatics. Jobseekers will find roles ranging from manufacturing and construction to retail, service and maintenance – all with great earning potential.

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PHTA “Dives In” to Growing the Workforce

The pool & Hot Tub Alliance announced at the November International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo that it has officially jumped into the waters of workforce development with its Pool Professionals Pipeline, a new program designed to help members find workers, drive awareness amongst today’s jobseekers, and foster long-term career progression in the pool, hot tub, spa and aquatics industry

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Work in Aquatics Aims to Connect Employers with Talent

Finding qualified pool professionals in today’s job market can be a daunting task, hindering the growth of many businesses. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance has recognized this challenge and is launching a new workforce development program called the Pool Professionals Pipeline. This program, created in collaboration with industry leaders, aims to recruit and retain skilled labor in various sectors of the aquatics industry.