Veterans, Dive In: How You Can Thrive in the Aquatics World After Service


By Sabeena Hickman, Pool & Hot Tub Alliance President and CEO

After serving your country, your transition from active duty to civilian life can be challenging as you navigate the start of a new career path. You may have multiple opportunities in front of you, each offering different perks and requiring unique expertise, or you may feel unsure of your next step. As a veteran, you’re uniquely positioned and qualified to dive into a variety of new roles, putting the transferrable skills you learned in the military to good use.

Whether you’re a skilled laborer or experienced in engineering, the pool and hot tub industry is a career path where your diverse skillset is celebrated and most importantly, in high demand.

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) recognizes the sacrifices and dedication transitioning veterans like you have made in your military career, and we encourage you to apply for a wide range of opportunities that utilize the valuable skills learned in the service: leadership, communication, passion and hard work.


Leadership is arguably one of the most important skills acquired in the military. The ability to lead a team effectively is a tremendous asset that will serve you well throughout your career, particularly in aquatics when you’re managing facilities or overseeing teams of construction crews. Military training equips you with the eagerness to learn and the ability to challenge yourself and deploy your knowledge. Every position in the aquatics industry encompasses these core characteristics and helps accelerate your growth as a leader. Your background has prepared you for leadership roles; the pool and hot tub industry simply provides the platform to advance your career.


The varied career tracks in aquatics often require a keen ability to understand and retain specific industry knowledge and practices. However, there’s one skill that all successful aquatics professionals share: adaptability. In the military, you acclimated to new and challenging environments, learned from your surroundings, and remained composed under pressure. These are the same skills that will make you an asset to any aquatics team. If you’re a veteran interested in a career in the aquatics industry, don’t be intimidated by the need to learn new skills and knowledge. Whether you want to be a swim instructor, pool builder or aquatics facility manager, your adaptability and military skills will help you quickly learn the ropes and succeed in any position.


Just like in the military, teamwork is essential in aquatics. You’ll be working with people from all walks of life whether you’re building a pool or ensuring the safety and enjoyment of swimmers. Your leadership and teamwork skills will be highly valued, and you’ll find a supportive community of colleagues who are eager to help you succeed.

Acclimating to life out of the service is not without its stressors, but a new career in the pool and hot tub industry could be just the landing pad you need. In aquatics, you’ll find a rewarding, supportive and innovative industry that respects your service and provides the necessary resources to bridge the gap that exists for transitioning veterans.

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