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Key Information and Statistics for the Aquatics Pool and Hot Tub Industry

The aquatics industry is overflowing with fun, rewarding, steady job opportunities that set you up for career growth and allow you to make a difference in people’s daily lives. Whether at a private residence or a shared public space, swimming pools and hot tubs promote healthy lifestyles while bringing families and communities together – and there’s a lot of exciting work that goes into their development, operation, supply, and maintenance.

Industry Overview

Between 2018 and 2028, the pool installer field is expected to grow 14%, producing 68,200 jobs across the U.S. And that’s just one statistic of the pool and hot tub industry! The collective industry makes a massive impact – it contributed about $50 billion and almost 445,000 job equivalents to the economy of the U.S. in 2020 alone, according to PHTA’s 2021 economic impact study. Careers in building, manufacturing, retail, service, and swim instruction continue to expand the job pool, with STEM opportunities available across sectors.

If you’re looking to make a splash in your career, explore the many options within this dynamic, growing industry. With or without a college degree, there’s a path to pursue what interests you while developing skills through paid training, apprenticeships,  and certifications. A crucial piece of information about the pool and hot tub industry is that every lane you can think of in the aquatics industry offers strong earning potential and benefits, positive work-life balance, job security and fulfilling work that will keep you motivated throughout your career.

Everyone Can Dive In!

Whether you’re switching careers, retiring from the military, or just starting out after high school, a vocational school or college, there’s a wide range of jobs to consider across multiple sectors of the aquatics industry. From hands-on construction and swim instruction opportunities to big-picture engineering and retail distribution roles, each type of work positions you for career advancement – and many routes can even lead to company ownership. Apprenticeships in pool maintenance and service are a great college alternative, allowing you to earn while you learn the ins and outs of a skilled trade.

 Sectors in the Aquatics Industry

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"Total income of the pool & spa industry in 2020 was about $17 billion."

Source: The Economic Impact of the Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Industry in the U.S., May 2021

manufacturing jobs created between Oct. 2021-2022


employment growth in construction between 2012-2022


jobs for construction laborers and helpers projected each year, on average, over this decade