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About Work in Aquatics

Work in Aquatics is a workforce development program powered by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance designed to attract jobseekers to the aquatics industry.  

Work in Aquatics seeks to showcase the numerous advantages offered by trade professions, training and apprenticeship opportunities, job openings, and the various career advancement tracks in the pool and hot tub industry to prospective job seekers. Through a variety of growing industry sectors there are many opportunities for career development from construction teams to designers and entrepreneurs, and PHTA is offering the resources and information needed to inspire job seekers to explore and learn more. 

About Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Established in 1956, the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports, promotes, and protects the common interests of the $36.5B pool, hot tub, and spa industry. Boasting over 3,600 members worldwide, PHTA provides education, advocacy, standards development, research, and market growth to increase member professionalism, knowledge, and profitability. Beyond these services, PHTA also facilities the expansion of swimming, water safety, and related research and outreach activities aimed at introducing more people to swimming, making swimming environments safer, and keeping pools open to serve communities. Through its workforce development program, PHTA is also serves as an industry ambassador, responsible for driving talent and filling the pipeline of skilled workers to benefit its members while attracting a diversified, inclusive workforce.  

More information can be found at www.phta.org.