Work in Aquatics Aims to Connect Employers with Talent


Finding qualified pool professionals in today’s job market can be a daunting task, hindering the growth of many businesses. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance has recognized this challenge and is launching a new workforce development program called the Pool Professionals Pipeline. This program, created in collaboration with industry leaders, aims to recruit and retain skilled labor in various sectors of the aquatics industry. 

While the new program covers various sectors of the aquatics industry, such as building, maintenance, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and swim instruction, the program’s initial focus is on driving labor into the pool and hot tub sector. 

“It’s no secret that many industries and businesses today are struggling to find and retain employees, and this is particularly true in trades such as ours,” says PHTA President and CEO Sabeena Hickman, CAE. “Our members are looking to PHTA to help fill that gap and we’re ready for the challenge. We are incredibly excited to share this new program with our membership and give them the tools they’ll need to compete in today’s labor market while working to attract a skilled, diversified, and thriving workforce.” 

The program also includes an external industry awareness campaign and a jobseeker website called Work in Aquatics, launching in 2023. Work in Aquatics will promote trade professions by highlighting their advantages, training and apprenticeship opportunities, job openings, and potential career progression tracks in the pool and hot tub industry. PHTA encourages job seekers to explore the different industry sectors and paths available, from construction labor to lifeguards, sales representatives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers. 

“This program is a game-changer for our industry as it works to drive qualified talent to our respective businesses and our industry as a whole,” says PHTA Chairman Charlie Claffey, owner of Claffey Pools. “To be successful, we’re going to need everyone on board as we work to put the industry on the radar of those searching for an alternative path to college; a rewarding career in a healthy lifestyle environment; the ability to work away from a desk; creative freedom through modern design; and lifesaving skills through swim instruction. The possibilities that exist in the aquatics industry are endless and once you begin in this line of work, you’ll never want to walk away. Let’s share that passion with the next generation of workers.” 

The Work in Aquatics website will also house the industry’s only dedicated job board exclusive to PHTA members, along with corresponding social media channels. PHTA is currently working on building this digital foundation, and more updates will be available soon. 

By creating these pathways, the PHTA is helping to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in the pool industry. This means that employers can find qualified candidates more quickly, and job seekers can find relevant job opportunities with ease. As a result, the pool industry will benefit from a more robust and skilled workforce. 

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