What Is a CST Certification and How Do I Get One?

Since there are many certification opportunities in the pool and hot tub industry, you may be wondering what is a CST certification?

A CST certification is a Certified Pool & Spa Service Technician course that enhances a service technician’s professional knowledge and advance in their career as a trusted, reliable technician.  

Through this CST certification course, service technicians will learn how to identify and troubleshoot potential problems with pool equipment and gain a stronger understanding of circulation, filtration, hydraulics and electricity to better serve customers. 

How to Get a CST Certification  

Wondering how to get a CST certification? You can easily obtain a CST certification online from PHTA. In order to apply, you must have two years of industry experience, successfully complete the CST certification classes, and pass the CST exam.  

To get started:

  1. Enroll in the online CST certification classes, which offers interactive videos, quizzes and exercises to prepare for the exam.
  2. Once completed, you can register for the exam for a fee of $115. An application must be submitted two weeks ahead of your anticipated testing date. The open book test has 100 multiple choice questions related to course content, covering topics like safety, water quality, filtration, electrical requirements, maintenance and more.
  3. A score of 75 percent or above is then needed in order to pass the exam and earn your CST certification. 

Once all of these elements are successfully completed, you officially become a Certified Pool & Spa Service Technician! From there, you will have to renew your CST certification every 3 years. This will involve submitting a completed recertification application and documentation of 24 hours of continuing education credits. 

As a certified service technician, you can apply your expertise to all sorts of situations you encounter on the job, while flexing your skills to improve client experiences. Earning this certification establishes you as a reputable, go-to expert in the industry.