Avoiding Burnout With a New Career in Aquatics

Changing Careers? Start Fresh with Rewarding Opportunities in Aquatics

Whether you are ready to embark on an adventure or eager to try something different in your life, the start of a new year presents an opportunity for change. This is especially true for those in search of a new career, considering more than half of the U.S. workforce say they are experiencing burnout (HR Dive). As burnout becomes an increasing reality across workplaces, the ever-growing aquatics industry is putting a spin on the workforce landscape to get potential job seekers on a career path that is right for them. 

What is Burnout?

Burnout is defined as a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged periods of stress. It can be triggered by heavy workloads, lack of support from colleagues and management, or misalignment with workplace values – oftentimes leading to someone feeling stuck in their career as a result. Workers who experience burnout may find themselves looking to transition to jobs with greater flexibility, increased pay, collaborative environments and positive cultures that prioritize their well-being.  

If an alternative career path sounds enticing, consider the pool and hot tub industry. With its nontraditional work environment and plenty of diverse career opportunities, the industry is poised to support its workforce and set them up for success every step of the way.  

Finding a Place in Aquatics

A fresh start could be just the venture of diving into new waters. In this industry, job seekers will discover varied and engaging work with room to grow both personally and professionally. Plus, there are virtually no barriers to getting started with little to no experience required and paid training programs to help newcomers ease right in.  

What Career Should I Switch To?

Do you think a career in aquatics would be a fit? Consider exploring the industry’s top major sectors, including job roles, skill sets and earning potential.  


  • In construction, you’ll play a key role in helping a client’s backyard dreams come to life, working on unique and creative projects.  

  • Newcomers can pursue multiple pathways, including the skilled worker track, administrative roles, finance and business positions, design and sales, project management and more.  

  • Salaries across the building sector range from approximately $37,000 to close to $100,000 depending on position, experience and location. 

  • Manufacturing is the backbone of the industry, supplying all the materials and creating new tools needed for our sectors to operate efficiently and effectively.  

  • Explore the sales and management track with positions like sales representative, or the development, production and operations path with opportunities in engineering and management.  

  • Earning potential in the manufacturing sector is very strong, depending on position, experience and location. For instance, the estimated salary for a design engineer is $88,000 per year.   


  • Creating meaningful relationships with clients and vendors, this sector flexes your communication skills as you become an ambassador for our industry, sharing the benefits of aquatics with families and customers.  

  • Job seekers can climb their way up the ladder in retail, going from retail salesperson to sales manager and potential vice president of sales for a pool and hot tub company.  

  • In this competitive environment, salaries are strong with an estimated range of $60,000 to $100,000 per year for a retail salesperson and $65,000 to $120,000 per year for a sales manager.   


  • Those in the service sector use problem-solving and critical thinking to resolve all issues related to pools and hot tubs, serving an important purpose in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our spaces.  

  • Career progression in the service sector can propel you toward a strong future in the maintenance or repair paths with roles like maintenance technician or lead service technician, in which you can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $120,000 per year based on position, experience level and location. 

  • Passionate about swimming? Then, this could be the sector for you where swim instructors and lifeguards shape the next generation of swimmers, teaching students this life-saving skill.  

  • From seasonal to full-time, you can flourish in these unconventional positions as a swim instructor, lifeguard, or even operate your own school as a swim school director! Given the range of opportunities, salary varies by position; however, earning potential ranges from $37,000 to $60,000 per year. 

All About the Benefits 

A growing workforce, partially due to increased demand in leisure and recreation, means there are opportunities to fill the talent pipeline with renewed perspectives and innovative mindsets to challenge the industry in new ways. And, while industry professionals can reach their career goals, the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance’s (PHTA) member network will support them along the way with a suite of benefits: 

  • Competitive salaries 

  • Flexible scheduling 

  • Mentorship 

  • Job stability 

  • Access to PHTA’s GENESIS educational program 

  • And more!  

Ultimately, industry professionals thrive in a workplace outside the normal routine.  

In considering career decisions in the new year – whether to combat burnout or to break away from a more traditional path – aquatics is here to enhance your professional journey with unique roles and advancement opportunities in a forward-thinking industry.  

Now’s the time to make a refreshing change and take the plunge. Work In Aquatics is the best place to get started by seeking information and resources on finding a new path, hearing success stories from the experts, and accessing PHTA’s exclusive job board for your next career move.