Veterans In Aquatics (1)

Career Resources for Veterans in Aquatics

Military veterans from all branches of service are welcome to join an exciting new industry and put your hard-earned skills to use immediately upon your transition out of service. Many of the skills developed through military service are easily transferred to careers in aquatics, preparing you for a successful career in the pool, making pool and spa industry jobs a perfect fit for veterans

What Type of Job is Right for You? 

There are many types of careers in aquatics. Depending on your military experience, you may have certain skills that make you an especially ideal candidate for specific pool and spa industry jobs ideal for veterans, such as:.  

  • Effective communication, teamwork and physical stamina come in handy for work in the building sector, whether you are working as a construction laborer or overseeing projects as a foreman.  

  • Technical skills and an aptitude for problem-solving translate easily to jobs in the service and manufacturing sectors.  

  • As a swim instructor, you can even put strong swimming abilities directly into action as a lifeguard 

These are just a few examples of how a military career prepares you for new challenges in aquatics. 

With an instinct to protect and serve, veterans naturally excel in the aquatics industry, which is dedicated to providing and maintaining safe swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. Service and maintenance technicians, lifeguards and other aquatics professionals protect their communities by ensuring healthy water quality and preventing drowning incidents.  

This rewarding industry offers many career resources for veterans, such as on-the-job training opportunities, schedule flexibility and high earning potential. If a career in aquatics appeals to you, check out more articles and advice below, and search our Work in Aquatics job board for available positions in your area. 

Real-Life Success: Meet Mike McKamey

After a 22-year career in the military, Mike McKamey found a fresh start in the pool and hot tub industry, all with no prior experience required! Utilizing important skills from his time in the military, he had the opportunity to develop a strong, exciting career within the construction sector.

Mike credits his career success to his military experience and highlights how he was able to easily transition into this civilian role. Now serving as Operations Manager with Claffey Pools, he oversees hundreds of exciting projects. Don’t hesitate to dive into the pool and hot tub industry and discover how you can find your fit coming from any background! Search for jobs today!