How to Sell Hot Tubs: Everything You Need to Know About the Hot Tub Industry

Hot tubs and spas are a major component of the pool industry, and this division of aquatics is flourishing with opportunity. Growing in demand and popularity, the hot tub industry is awaiting new recruits to drive business forward. The career possibilities in this field are endless, ranging from design and sales to service and science. If you are looking to change your career or just want to get your foot in the door as a recent graduate, explore the potential of the hot tub industry.

Still curious if selling hot tubs is a good business? Learn more about the hot tub market outlook, the industry opportunities and the numerous benefits of working in this division.  

Understanding the Hot Tub Market 

Recent growth of the hot tub and spa division makes it clear: this is a strong and mighty career lane to pursue. According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance 2021 Market Report, hot tub sales were up almost 6% to more than 260,000 units. Much of this stemmed from increased consumer interest in luxury and leisure following the COVID-19 pandemic. But these trends are here to say, and hot tubs are booming! 

Still wondering if selling hot tubs is a good business? Contributing to the estimated $3.56 billion growth in the aquatics industry, hot tub and spa sales are projected to experience a healthy increase into 2024 and beyond as a result of high consumer demand. In 2020, the aboveground pool and hot tub market also accounted for approximately $2.7 billion of the retail sales total, according to PHTA’s 2020 Economic Report.  

As the industry continues to develop, more opportunities await to build a comprehensive and efficient workforce. This is where you fit into the picture, applying your skillset and experience to help businesses grow.  

Opportunities in the Hot Tub Industry  

You may be thinking: how can I get started selling hot tubs? There are plenty of paths to begin your journey, whether you have years of experience under your belt or none at all. Along with the healthy economic performance of the hot tub industry, careers in service, design, manufacturing and more remain in high demand. As an example, the spa technician position is predicted to grow 6% between 2018 and 2028, generating 85,400 jobs in the United States. 

Given the opportunities in this field, on-the-job training will help build your skills by offering hands-on experience, whether you’re learning how to sell hot tubs or understanding the science behind hot tub and spa maintenance.  

If you are ready to start looking, you can find openings in the hot tub industry across the country.  

The Benefits of Working in the Hot Tub and Spa Industry  

As the industry continues to grow, you’ll have an opportunity to take advantage of numerous benefits in front of you. Most importantly, you’ll find yourself in a role that offers personal and professional growth. You’ll also be able to form strong relationships with clients and ultimately contribute to their enhanced lifestyles through the services you provide. Tangible benefits can include sales commission, benefits packages, medical and/or dental coverage and more, depending on your chosen company. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented certain challenges, it also allowed new ideas and innovation to thrive within the pool and hot tub industry. The PHTA 2021 Market Report found that more than 80% of hot tub retailers adopted new strategies for selling hot tubs as a result of the changing sales environment during the pandemic, such as having an increased online presence and virtual selling. These unique, inventive concepts contribute to the overall success of the industry, and new recruits directly advance that goal bringing these ideas to the forefront of our practices.