Warehouse Staff Job Description

Salary: Approximately $30,320 per year

Warehouse Staff

Warehouse staff in the pool and hot tub industry function as laborers who organize, ship, and clean pool and hot tub products or equipment. Primary responsibilities include moving products, packaging equipment, fulfilling shipments, organizing storage, and tracking materials. Pools require a variety of important parts and materials; therefore, ensuring equipment is working properly and shipped in a timely manner is essential. Warehouse staff typically work in-person and full-time with overtime likely to occur.

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Fast Track For Success

Fast-Track for SuccessYou can kickstart your career in this field with little to no experience and adopt new skills that will propel you forward.

Exciting, Dynamic Industry

Exciting, Dynamic IndustryFalling in the manufacturing sector, this is an area that is continuously growing, meaning you will have the opportunity to advance through the ranks. 

Skills Development

Skills DevelopmentYou will develop invaluable skills that will allow you to take your career path in your desired direction. 

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits – Many positions offer a benefits package, 401K match and monthly premiums and coverage for health, dental and vision. 

Important Skills:

Physical Endurance

Physical Endurance – Warehouse staff must be able to lift heavy boxes and large materials.

Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience – While primarily working within storage, staff will commonly deal with vendors and customers; therefore, communication skills are key.

Organized Mindset

Effective Organization & Management – Plenty of equipment, tools and shipments can fill the space, and it’s important that warehouse staff maintain an organized environment to operate effectively. 

Relationship Development

Team Player – As part of a large workforce, members of the warehouse staff will need to work well together in order to best manage equipment and shipments.

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Salary Information:

Warehouse staff earn approximately $30,320 per year and make an estimated $14.58 per hour.

Disclaimer: Occupations in the pool and hot tub industry can range in salary level depending on geographic location, position level, seasonal conditions and company. The salary figures provided are estimates.  

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Job Requirements:

No educational degrees are normally required for warehouse staff jobs. A commercial driver’s license or special certification to operate large machinery may be required.