Wendy: The Path to Ownership

Wendy Purser: The Path to Ownership

There’s no shortage of opportunity in the deep waters of the pool and hot tub industry.  That’s the case for Wendy Purser, owner of Wendy Purser Pool Consulting, LLC, who got her start in 1975 and now operates her own successful company.  

Getting her foot in the door as a retail store manager, Wendy worked her way up the ladder, holding several different positions and gaining valuable knowledge along the way. She took advantage of every career advancement opportunity and quickly discovered her passion for aquatics:

“I love the work, the people, the pay. If you like what you do, it’s not work,” she shared.  

Throughout her career journey, Wendy found the opportunity to work alongside interesting people, while also partaking in eye-opening learning experiences about alternative career tracks. She was unaware of the vast opportunities that exist in the industry, including aquatic-related positions at major corporations like Disney or SeaWorld.  

Over the years, Wendy has served on industry boards and committees, developed worldwide friendships, and ultimately, strengthened her confidence through learning to never give up. She has played a key role for newcomers to the industry, acting as a mentor for employees and sharing her aquatics expertise – something she emphasizes is her favorite part of the job! 

Through the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance’s educational resources, she also enhanced her business acumen, learning not only what to do but what not to do. The Job Costing for Profit v. Existence course, offered by PHTA’s GENESIS educational program, helped maximize her business from $175,000 per year to $2.2 million within three years – all on a five-year plan!  

Wendy is a true example of what is possible in aquatics: starting early, getting her foot in the door, taking advantage of resources and learning opportunities, and ultimately running her own show. There’s so much to learn from Wendy’s experience. If you’re interested in getting your start and making your own mark in this rewarding field, explore what’s available at Work In Aquatics or apply for openings near you on our exclusive Work In Aquatics job board.