Savannah: Marketing Coordinator

While in search of fresh and stable job opportunities, Savannah Reeves discovered her career passion as a marketing coordinator in the exciting pool and hot tub industry – an area she never considered before!

During the recruitment process with Claffey Pools, she felt welcomed by industry professionals and instantly felt this was the place for her. Based on her experience, Savannah encourages jobseekers to keep an open mind and dive headfirst into this ever-changing field that offers exciting experiences, flexibility and much more. You’ll witness the joy and happiness involved in the creation of personal paradises for clients and families – something rare in today’s corporate settings! 

Watch Savannah explain her career progression in the video below:


Feeling inspired by Savannah's journey? Hers is just one example of why the industry truly has something for everyone. Find your next job today! Explore potential career paths or search for jobs in your area.