Mark: Vice President of Engineering

Mark Bauckman: Creating Waves in Aquatics Innovation 

Mark Bauckman, Vice President of Engineering at Fluidra, will be the first one to tell you that pools and hot tubs allow families across the country to experience healthy living, quality time together, and provide great entertainment value for the whole family. For more than 20 years, Mark has designed industry products and now continues to serve as an impactful behind-the-scenes visionary who contributes to the overall function of the aquatic spaces we all know and love. His story serves as a successful example of advanced engineering at work in the industry and shows the adaptability as well as collaboration with mechanical engineering industries.

Creativity and collaboration are essential in keeping the aquatics industry at the forefront of product innovation, propelling its growing workforce toward a strong and successful future. Inspired by this idea of creating products to improve people’s lives and enjoyment, Mark pursued his career across different product managerial and engineering roles. From a mechanical engineer designing automatic pool cleaners back in 1997 to today, where he serves as vice president of engineering, Mark shares his passion through the development of products that revolutionize our market. 

“It's a great industry for people who are creative, passionate and driven. It is fast-paced and constantly changing. We are often developing and selling high technology products that consumers expect," he shared.

Mark has played a key role in overseeing aquatic products from inception to execution, and he emphasizes the important role of teamwork to make any project successful. He recalls his experiences collaborating with friendly and talented colleagues, many of whom have also served as mentors to him.  

Mark seized the opportunity to make a difference and push the boundaries of what’s possible in aquatic product innovation. The pool and hot tub industry is always looking for the next big idea, and experiences like Mark's demonstrate how the environment is ripe with opportunities for those who think outside the box.  

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