Justin: Pool Marketing & Training Manager

Justin Reyes: Making a Splash in Aquatics Marketing

Justin Reyes’ whirlwind journey in aquatics marketing is a real-life success story. He started his career over a decade ago as a temporary worker, gaining skills along the way that would propel him to his current role as pool marketing and training manager. What’s kept him in the industry? The dynamic, ever-changing atmosphere that continues to excite him every day.  

As a temp in the marketing services department, Justin impressed his managers with his strong skills in graphic design and video production and quickly earned a full-time spot on the team. He jumped right into this new role, learning all there is to know about pool products and the industry, and designing enticing sales collateral and email marketing campaigns.

After several years in graphic design, Justin was ready to take the plunge into pool marketing, where he spent most of his time traveling to trade shows to promote pool products and interact with clients. Soon after, he was promoted to associate marketing manager to lead key product launches and campaigns, and eventually to his current role as pool marketing and training manager. Along the way, Justin received three innovation awards and is currently working on a second patent with his colleagues.

“As a marketer, it's our job to listen to customers and understand their pain points. Fundamentally we're trying to solve their problems, and the first step to doing so is listening,” he shared. At its core, pool marketing is a people business – listening to customers and building strong relationships is key to ensuring they have the best experience.

Looking back, Justin values every step of his journey. He learned the importance of teamwork, adapting to new roles and continuous learning. The aquatics industry turned his job into a passion.

“Be ready to learn! The industry has a lot to offer. Find something you're interested in and dive into it,” shared Justin. 

Just like Justin, you can find your passion in the aquatics industry. If you’re good at communicating, strategic thinking and creativity, you’ll excel in pool marketing. If you’re ready to plunge into aquatics, check out the numerous career paths across our sectors and start applying on our Work In Aquatics job board today.