Jen: User Experience Manager

Jen Cline: "App"lying Useful Tech to Aquatics 

Five years after taking the plunge into an aquatics career, Jen Cline, user experience (UX) manager at Fluidra, continues to be surprised at the complexity and depth of the pool and hot tub industry, especially within the Internet of Things (IoT) field.  

In the aquatics realm, IoT services focus on creating advanced technologies that enhance user experience with pools, hot tubs and tools, including apps and products that streamline the process of operating and maintaining aquatic spaces. For Jen, her role involves a wide range of responsibilities, including the management of user experience and product lifestyle from concept to execution; key trend analysis for app design, technology and usage; integration of modern design language; and the evaluation of competitive products, technology and markets. 

Ultimately, Jen leads the UX team in researching, testing and monitoring Fluidra’s app performance and feedback from users to identify opportunities for improvement. This means developing personal relationships with clients, setting the tone for how Fluidra engages with customers and helping users create their perfect pool experience.  

“I've found that talking to our actual users in the environment in which they use our products, such as pool automation, has been invaluable to deeply understand their pain points, the things they love, their expectations, and how to create solutions to help,” she shared.  

While the IoT work is innovative and allows Jen to flex her creative muscles, one of her favorite parts of her role is hearing from customers about how the Fluidra app has positively impacted their lives. As a bonus, she’s collaborating with a strong and resourceful team that is proactively brainstorming and building upon new ways to improve the user experience.  

Outside of the day-to-day work, Jen also discovered her passion for mentorship. In the IoT field specifically, she guides those just starting out to help identify their area of interest, ranging from design and architecture to research. Ultimately, Jen gets to witness their career growth first-hand and serves as a resource in their professional development.  

“Jump in! The pool industry is growing and introducing new products all the time – there is something to meet anyone’s career interest,” said Jen.  

The variety of industry careers offers unique opportunities to pursue your passion, whether that falls under customer experience, software development, manufacturing or construction. In any position, you are bound to stretch your creativity to new levels, create meaningful relationships with both clients and coworkers, contribute to breathtaking design projects and unlock your full potential in a one-of-a-kind environment. 

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