Brian: Chief Executive Officer

Brian Van Bower: Masterfully Designing a Successful Aquatics Career

Over the last few decades, the aquatics industry has witnessed impressive growth and change propelling it to the forefront for career opportunities, and there’s no one better to speak to the endless possibilities, exciting work and welcoming environment of this industry than Aquatic Consultants CEO, Brian Van Bower. Throughout his 50-plus years in the pool and hot tub industry, Brian has emerged as a shining example of success. 

His first experience that inspired him to work in aquatics was a position at a hotel pool in Miami Beach, Florida. Little did Brian know this role would change the course of his future, leading him to own one of the most successful design and consulting firms in the industry. Years later in 1989, Brian founded Aquatic Consultants Inc., which specializes in unique pool and waterscape designs. 

As owner, he prioritized professional development by earning his Society of Watershape Designers Master certification and joining the National Spa Pool Institute (NSPI) in various roles. He was inducted into the NSPI Region VII Hall of Fame in 1994.  

Brian always found an opportunity to advance his career and encourages those within his company and the industry overall to do the same, attributing his success to “a desire to constantly improve and share in the personal growth of employees and coworkers.”   

Through his hard work and dedication to design, Brian achieved international recognition with over 150 industry design awards and features in major publications like Architectural Digest, CNN, NBC, The New York Times and other high-profile outlets. His company’s projects also stretch across the globe from Sri Lanka, Greece and Africa to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica and countless more.  

Brian has much to reflect on in his career, but the most rewarding aspect is this: enhancing people’s lives with water, something he has successfully done for over fifty years.

“My passion for my life’s work and dedication to elevating the level of performance of the industry are only matched by my gusto for life,” he shared.

His devotion to aquatics does not go unrecognized through his role with his company, as an ambassador and co-founder of the GENESIS program, as president of Brian Van Bower Consulting, and as an industry pioneer responsible for revolutionizing aquatic design on the international scale.  

Through his involvement with the PHTA Mentor Match Program and as a frequent seminar speaker, Brian regularly shares his experience with newcomers and fellow members to motivate them, act as a guide to help elevate their businesses, and ultimately, highlight the life-changing work and exciting opportunities in aquatics.  

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