Andy: Landscape Architect to Owner

Ever wonder how beautiful, aquatic oases come to be? Just ask Andy Kaner, owner and president at Aquatic Consultants, Inc. More than twenty years ago, Andy completed his master’s degree in landscape architecture and began his career as a design associate and draftsman with Aquatics Consultants.  

To advance his career, he took several GENESIS design courses offered by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, in topics like drawing, computer modeling, advanced water feature design and much more. Andy truly invested himself in the design world and took advantage of the resources right at his fingertips, eventually graduating, becoming a master designer and then working in project management.  

Then one moment changed Andy’s career forever: meeting Brian Van Bower, the founder of Aquatic Consultants who introduced him to a career in pool design consulting. Andy discovered his passion for this line of work and, after many years under Brian, took over ownership of Aquatic Consultants. “A highlight of my career is ownership of the company,” he shared.

“The most rewarding aspect is seeing the company’s increased success and growth. Even more so, seeing clients happy.”

For Andy, the exciting work and creative projects in the design field allow him to think outside the box, influencing projects on the international scale, and ultimately, creating happy pool environments for people and families.  

The idea of creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy that enhance people’s lives and their property values gives me great pleasure,” said Andy. “Developing client relationships with people and projects all over the world is a fun and exciting part of being an international design consultant.”  

In addition to unlimited creativity and making an impact on people’s lives, Andy also highlights the many benefits of working in the aquatics industry that range from educational resources and continuing training to financial success and nonstop growth, noting it has given him a platform to achieve his goals.  

In an industry absolutely bursting at the seams with potential, Andy’s experience is just one of many who have discovered their passion in the world of aquatics. Ready to make waves in your career? Explore potential career paths or search for jobs in your area.