Lexi: District Sales Manager

Returning to Her Aquatic Roots: Lexi Ray

Industry newbie Lexi Ray is already on an impressive track to success after finding her way back to her family’s roots in aquatics. With just two years under her belt, she already can’t imagine doing anything else! Aquatics offers her a unique, fast-growing environment to explore, learn and thrive as an emerging professional.

Lexi’s familiarity with pools and hot tubs dates back to her childhood, as she often spent time at her family’s pool business, All America Pool. It was either that or softball, her other passion in life. Before taking the professional dive, Lexi was a successful Division 1 softball player at Georgia Tech, where she earned her degree in Business Administration.

Ahead of graduation, Lexi stumbled upon a “meant to be” opportunity as a district sales manager with NC Brands, maker of Natural Chemistry and SeaKlear cleaning products that keep pool and spa water clear and sparkling. Jumping into this role, she acts as the liaison to sell these products to distributors and pool professionals in her regional territory. Her responsibilities include fostering strong relationships with new and existing customers, sourcing new business opportunities, and providing key training on products and services.

Now as a professional, she’s discovered the same fun-filled environment she witnessed as a child, along with endless rewarding opportunities.

“My mom, uncle, brother and I all have completely different jobs in the industry, ranging from store owners to distribution work. This is what I love most about it, there are so many different opportunities!” Lexi shared.

Lexi quickly demonstrated her excellence as a newcomer, leading to her receiving the Rookie of the Year award at her company’s national sales meeting. From there, she continued to set her sights on growth opportunities, earning her Certified Pool & Spa Certification and transitioning into a new district sales manager role now responsible for NC Brands sales in the Midwest territory.

In her budding career, Lexi has built life-long relationships, taken on exciting new challenges, traveled to different places, flexed her skills and followed her desire to help others. “Whether you’re a lifeguard, sales representative or service technician, play to your personality strengths,” she shared. The pool and hot tub industry truly offers something for everyone, so now’s your time to make a splash. 

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