Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance Manager Job Description

Salary: Approximately $90,000 to $150,000 per year

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The job description of a swimming pool maintenance and service manager features a responsibility to function as the directors of service teams at a pool or hot tub company, as well as provide maintenance services to clients. Swimming pool service manager job expectations include supervising service technicians and maintenance professionals, as well as monitoring the performance and quality of service.

Responsibilities include investigating water treatment or equipment issues, introducing new service techniques, training new employees, proposing solutions for pool and hot tub problems and developing client relationships. This position is typically full-time and in-person with occasional overtime. House visits and emergency calls should be expected. 

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Caring & Compassionate

A Trusted Source – Establish yourself as the go-to expert in the pool and hot tub industry with clients and grow your business as a representative that clients trust.  

Career Growth Opportunities

Dynamic Growth Potential – Taking on a major role, this position can kickstart career growth and lead you to endless possibilities within the industry, such as owning your own company.  

Love Learning

Exposed to New Methods and Technologies – As innovation in this industry continues to flourish, you’ll have firsthand exposure to new technologies that enhance the services provided to clients and customers.  

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits – Many positions offer a benefits package, 401K with match, and monthly premiums and coverage for health plus dental and vision. 

Important Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-Solving Ability – Service managers will encounter a variety of pool and hot tub maintenance problems, and the solutions to these issues will involve experimentation and the adoption of new techniques. 


Leadership – You will need to effectively guide your team and set an example of how to best serve clients and customers.  

Management & Communication Skills

Strong Administration Skills – Managing a team will require this position to oversee all employees and ongoing processes. 

Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience – Part of this role will involve client relationships; therefore, customer service experience will be important when conducting client outreach for business.  

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Pool Service Manager Salary Information:

A pool service manager’s average salary can range between an estimated $90,000 to $150,000 depending on the company.  

Disclaimer: Occupations in the pool and hot tub industry can range in salary level depending on geographic location, position level, seasonal conditions and company. The salary figures provided are estimates.

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A high school diploma is normally required to apply, and a bachelor’s degree is a plus. A CST certification is highly recommended for this position, and other licenses may be required. Extensive service experience is mandatory.