Pool and Hot Tub Design Consultant Job Description

Salary: Approximately $60,000 to $100,000 per year

Pool And Hot Tub Design Consultant

Pool and hot tub design consultant jobs involve working closely with clients to develop the desired aesthetic and features of the pool or hot tub. Similar to landscape designers, consultant responsibilities include conferring with clients to understand the design space, selecting design pieces for pool and its surroundings, drafting mockups, and acquiring specialty pieces at client’s request. Design consultant jobs also likely involve working with sales representatives, vendors, and the construction team to execute design plans. This position typically works a full-time schedule with occasional overtime hours to meet project deadlines. Design consultant jobs are normally in-person or hybrid.

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Creativity In Action

Creativity in Action – Get your creative juices flowing and execute your most innovative, unique ideas to see the designs come to life.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative Spaces – Develop relationships with your teams as you effectively work together to create an aquatic oasis through design and construction.

Career Growth Opportunities

Career Growth Opportunities – Working across all fields in the industry, you’ll be equipped with a variety of skills that you can apply to any position as you advance in your career.

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits – Many pool and hot tub design consultant jobs offer a benefits package, 401K match and monthly premiums and coverage for health, dental and vision.

Important Skills

Creative Mindset

Creative Mindset – In designing a pool, this position requires a keen sense of creativity, creating a unique and exciting space in collaboration with the client.

Strong Communication Skills

Strong Communication Skills – Part of a design consultant job description includes acting as a liaison, working with the construction team, sales, the client, and outside companies; therefore, communicating effectively with all parties is essential.

Management Skills

Management Skills – Coordinating with construction teams, vendors, and sales representatives requires major organization skills to accomplish the client’s desired design in a timely and efficient manner.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-Solving Skills – Acquiring specialty pieces or organizing plans with involved parties can lead to unexpected issues; therefore, design consultants must be able to brainstorm solutions in these cases.

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Design Consultant Salary Information:

A pool and hot tub design consultant’s salary can range between $60,000 and $100,00 per year. The hourly wage is between $29.01 and $32.67.

Disclaimer: Occupations in the pool and hot tub industry can range in salary level depending on geographic location, position level, seasonal conditions, and company. The salary figures provided are estimates.

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Companies hiring for design consultant positions prefer a degree in interior design or landscape architecture; however, it is not required. Prior experience is beneficial when applying for these positions.