Swimming Pool Heavy Machine Operator Job Description

Salary: Approximately $48,290 per year

Heavy Machine Operator

In a job as a swimming pool heavy machine operator, you  function as the main member of the construction team, tasked with developing the pool site and structure. Responsibilities include operating equipment, assisting with repairs, utilizing levers, pedals and valves to control the equipment, moving supplies or materials, and facilitating the development of the pool site for next construction steps. Heavy machine operator job descriptions include: strong knowledge of various machinery and how to maneuver it both safely and properly. This position typically works full-time, in-person with irregular schedules depending on projects and overtime is likely. 

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Career Growth Opportunities

Strong Growth Potential – Kickstart your career in this field with little to no experience and adopt new skills that will enable you to grow in your career. 

Dynamic Industry Growth

Dynamic Industry Growth – This is a field that is continuously growing, meaning you will have the opportunity to advance through the ranks. 

Skills Development

Skills Development – You will develop invaluable skills in swimming pool heavy machine operator jobs that will allow you to take your career path in your desired direction.

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits – Many positions may offer a benefits package, 401K match and monthly premiums and coverage for health, vision and dental. 

Important Skills

Proficiency In Mechanical Operations

Proficiency in Mechanical Operations – Must be able to comprehend the different functions of machinery used during construction. 

Physical Strength And Stamina

Physical Strength and Stamina – Heavy machine operator jobs involves lifting heavy materials with the machinery during long projects; therefore, physical strength and stamina is key.


Organized – Operators will likely need to coordinate project deadlines and additional details with other teams involved in the pool construction and design. 

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How Much Do Heavy Machine Operators Make? Heavy Machine Operator Salary Information:

A heavy machine operator’s salary is approximately $48,290 annually and $23.22 hourly. 

Disclaimer: Occupations in the pool and hot tub industry can range in salary level depending on geographic location, position level, seasonal conditions and company. The salary figures provided are estimates.

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A high school diploma is typically required to apply to heavy machine operator jobs, but it is not required. Training experience or apprenticeships are a plus. A commercial driver’s license is required in order to operate this machinery, and special licenses may need to be obtained for specific equipment.