Pool and Hot Tub Chemist Job Description

Salary: Approximately $79,760 per year


Pool and hot tub chemist jobs involve conducting research and projects normally pertaining to water treatment and maintenance. A chemist job descriptions typically includes: running routine tests pertaining to pool and hot tub water, analyzing and experimenting with chemicals, drafting reports about findings, diagnosing issues with water, and proposing solutions to any water treatment problems. Chemists jobs are full-time in a laboratory with occasional overtime hours. Depending on the place of employment, this position may be in-person or hybrid.

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Curiosity And Skills Development

Curiosity and Skills Development – Flex your curiosity and problem-solving skills in a chemist career as you experiment and develop hypotheses. 

Innovative Approaches

Innovative Approaches – When potential issues occur, you will resolve water treatment issues through testing and experimentation using innovative thought processes to discover new results that could prevent future problems. 

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities – While you contribute to ongoing water treatment issues, chemist jobs allow you to explore various topics within the industry and uncover new findings that could revolutionize practices.

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits – Many positions may offer a benefits package, 401K match and monthly premiums and coverage for health, dental and vision. 

Important Skills

Proficiency In Math And Chemistry

Proficiency in Math and Chemistry – Chemists need to possess a strong understanding of scientific, chemical, and mathematical concepts in order to conduct tests and research.


Organized – Must be able to keep track of various ongoing projects in the laboratory.

Strong Communication Skills

Strong Communication Skills – Following the diagnosis of issues and solutions, most chemist job descriptionss will likely includeneed to relaying this information to service technicians and pool maintenance professionals in a clear, simple manner. 

Strong Analytical Mindset

Strong Analytical Mindset – In conducting tests and research, chemists need to analyze results and develop thorough conclusions.

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Pool and Hot Tub Chemist Salary Information:

A chemist salary is estimated to average $79,760 per year, and the hourly rate is approximately $38.34. 

Disclaimer: Occupations in the pool and hot tub industry can range in salary level depending on geographic location, position level, seasonal conditions and company. The salary figures provided are estimates.

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When applying for a pool and hot tub chemist job, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is required, and in some cases, a master’s degree. Previous work experience or an internship is preferred.